Groovy Grub Cafe’s Business Owner

Groovy Grub Cafe Tonya Hawes, of “Kiss My Grits Catering” started “Groovy Grub Cafe” in 2018 in Warrior, while putting her own funky twist on the restaurant she wanted to create an environment that spun a groovy vibe with “from scratch cooking” which gave the cafe a colorful personality just like the owner’s. The cafe features several popular dishes on it’s Menu and a beautiful spread of dishes on it’s Catering Menu. She realized after over 30 years of cooking that it would take people getting used to the from scratch cooking style she does at the cafe and her way of thinking. Preparing a quick and easy way has been the norm for some time, but most customers have come around to the way she thinks about food. Groovy Grub Cafe’s motto is “If you can come up with a flavor I can make it” when it comes to deserts. But remember if you want a desert, you better get there early morning when she opens at 10 because by noone they are gone for the day. Regardless of how much she makes they seem to sell out every morning.